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What is Culture? Culture has many definition. Here is one: The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group.

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Creating A Better Culture for Change

Creating a Better Culture for Change involves keeping Haitian values that are intrinsic to human desires and needs, renewing those that have been forgotten or ill-practiced, and developing new ones to create a new Haiti for generations to come. New attitudes must be formed or shaped to allow the formation of a united group that can then deal with the work ahead for Haiti to ultimately shape human progress.


A definition of culture was given above. Another definition of culture is the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group. If close attention is paid to the above definitions, ideas and visions can be created that can inspire and move the Haitian people to greatness. The values that Haitians cherish, which are not very different from most other societies, must be considered as a foundation to creating this new culture. Haitians value the following:

  • Education
  • Family
  • National Pride
  • Laughter
  • Creativity (The Arts)
  • Religion including Vodou or Vaudou (not Voodoo)
  • Community
  • Friendship
  • Haitian History

Creating A Better Culture for Change means to create:

  • A Culture of Noncorruption
  • A Culture of Peace
  • A Culture of Justice
  • A Culture of Transparency
  • A Culture of Security
  • A Culture of Community
  • A Culture of Respect
  • A Culture of Decency
  • A Culture of Trust
  • A Culture of Democracy
  • A Culture of Education
  • A Culture of Health
  • A Culture of Governance
  • A Culture of Creativity
  • And...

And removing some of the following Haitian cultural obstacles:

  • Language
  • Poor Governance
  • Lack of Collaboration
  • Corruption
  • Power
  • (Negative) Personal Pride
  • Class Division
  • Time Management
  • Self-destruction