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About Kylti
What are the cultural obstacles to Haiti's development? When it comes to culture, politics can improve or impede its growth and development. With respect to Haiti, there are some fundamental obstacles that may inhibit the country from moving forward and achieving lasting changes. Learn more

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About Us
The Arts

The Arts are what defines us, our society, and that which keeps life in harmony.


Every culture has this richness of expression and being, a beauty and identity that are their own, to be proud of, to cherish and to nurture.


The Arts are all around us, in everything we see, feel, taste, smell, and hear. Everything we do obeys this 'natural law of body, mind, and spirit'.


Some expressions can be found in the:


Visual Arts: Painting, sculpture, crafts, drawing, Digital Images, Etchings, printmaking...
Music, Poetry... Story telling , Films,

The Performing Arts, Dance, Acting, local art forms, stick fighting, other local and traditional forms of expression
The culinary Arts
Architecture, The Building arts, sciences and engineering...
Interior Design, Exhibition and Display Design...
Landscaping design, playgrounds, planning; towns and cities


Join Kylti in our endeavor to use this cultural energy and potential to reconstruct Haiti and create a culture of change.