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About Kylti
What are the cultural obstacles to Haiti's development? When it comes to culture, politics can improve or impede its growth and development. With respect to Haiti, there are some fundamental obstacles that may inhibit the country from moving forward and achieving lasting changes. Learn more

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About Us
Kylti Manifesto: Promote and Develop Haiti Through All Its Art Forms With A Haitian Aesthetic That Represents The Haitian People

A Haitian Aesthetic that represents Haitians is Haiti’s natural right. It is the soul of the people and the vehicle for its arts and cultural development strategies. Any technical support and resources to assist Haiti in its development must honor this spiritual prerogative of the Haitian people.


Kylti is prepared to address the needs for reciprocity and fair opportunities for the people of Haiti.


We seek to establish a fair opportunity attitude towards development that includes the Haitian Diaspora in the same rights and privileges offered to all citizens of civil societies. The Haitian Diaspora should be given every opportunity to help their nation.


Kylti expands its vision as a 'Bauhaus' model for cultural development, which includes the arts, architecture, and all the other disciplines used to express the needs of humans to protect and preserve life. The Bauhaus is the movement that created the modern aesthetic the world continues to enjoy.


Kylti will help Haiti exercise its creative right to discover its own cultural identity, and express it through the expanded definition of "the ARTS". This is accomplished through education and training programs at all levels of academic and vocational skills development.


When the HAITIAN aesthetic is synthesized, the flavors and expressions will reveal the people's spirit. It will allow Haitian 'artists' in all the creative disciplines to develop their own cultural entrepreneurship.


Kylti seeks to offer a broader perspective and more inclusive opportunities for life in Haiti and in the Diaspora. We do it through the ARTS and Culture for the future of the Haitian nation and its people. These articles are to become the foundation to build the wealth, prosperity, and wellness of Haiti.


The arts are to be used as protocols for healing, creative industry, entertainment, education, and other psycho-social needs.


Kylti will celebrate with Haitians around the world their cultural rights and privileges developed over a 200-year history as a free and independent nation.