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Photo by Alice Smeets

Kylti's Mission: To sustain and advance Haitian arts and culture.


The Kylti Movement: Promote and develop Haiti through all its art forms with a Haitian Aesthetic that represents the Haitian People is KYLTI's way of expressing the soul, the vision, and the life of the people of Haiti. Join the movement.

Haitian Manifesto
Kylti's Manifestos

A Haitian Aesthetic that represents Haitians is Haiti’s natural right. Aesthetic and identity are the cause and effect of our mission. They are the soul of the people...

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There Can Be No True Development Until An Expansion of Consciousness Is Accepted: A Premise for Development

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Open Invitation
Open Invitation

Kylti invites all Haitians, our Caribbean neighbors, Friends of Haiti, and citizens of the world to join our efforts in advancing Haiti through its richest resources--its people, culture, and the arts. When we speak of Kilti (the Creole word for Culture), Kylti refers to the use of all art forms that touch people's spirits, to blend the physical with the psychological and the spiritual.

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The Arts
The Arts

These are all the forms of art that people enjoy, and that businesses can be created with. People's lives depend on the 'ARTS'.

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Latest News
Arts and Culture

Washington, DC. Kylti, a non-profit organization that promotes Haitian arts and culture, launches the website to encourage and to facilitate communication, exchange, and networking amongst Haitians in the Diaspora and in Haiti, between Friends of Haiti, and the international community. Learn more



Movies at the Embassy

Embassy of Haiti

2311 Massachusetts Ave, N.W.

Washington, DC


Thursday, November 18, 2010, 7:00 p.m.


Atis-Rezistans - The Sculptors of Grand Rue


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Haitian Kites
Fly A Haitian Kite Day

Join us and fly a Haitian Kite in support of the Haitian people and Kylti's mission To sustain and advance Haitian arts and culture. We invite you to participate in this grand event coming this August. Learn more


Fly A Haitian Kite


Partner with Kylti: Fly A Haitian Kite